Summary of ‘Roundup The Roundup’ Demos – 23rd and 30th May 2018

By on June 1, 2018

Summary of Roundup the Roundup May 23rd and 30th

23RD and 30th May 2018     ‘DESPAIR’            9am.


It’s the morning after the ‘day before’ and I’m sitting here with that all too familiar of despondency and utter despair. I’ve been doing demonstrations/actions since the evil atrocities of 2001 (Foot and Mouth) . . “Yes, I’ll be there on the line locking arms with you, felling trees/doing whatever it takes . . .” and a tenth of those who say they’re going to turn up actually make the effort (the vast majority meandering in the ‘dunno really’ void of uncertainty/ or maybe fear). My closest friends Guy Taylor, Sara, Jim, Daphne and Gerald…when they say they’re going to do something DO IT. (Guy and I were honoured to be on a wonderful activist film called ‘Just Do It’ a few years ago featuring the brutality of the police against peaceful protestors who put themselves on the line because they CARE . . .)

For the last few weeks/months I, with Sara’s invaluable help, have been organising (what I’d hope to be) a nationwide campaign against the ubiquitously used spray across the world- Monsanto’s/Bayer’s ‘ROUNDUP’. The WHO (World Health Organisation) have recently designated Roundup as ‘probably carcinogenic’ (which in corporate language means ‘definitely’).

Armed with this information AND the New York Times article 29.10.16 stating that “Genetic Modification has NOT increased yields in the US or Canada” and Trump has all but “eradicated the need for testing genetically engineered products and nanotechnology” thus giving scientists open house iN the US to tamper/alter food in any way a scientist feels WITHOUT risk of recriminations, and the WORLD has a serious problem.

The ONLY ones who are going to change this situation (oh and SMALL farms/holdings/permaculture gardens etc produce far more food per acre than monoculture farming – mostly with NO pesticide) is US. Because of this, when people from London to Lewes (Sussex), Brighton, Scotland, Birmingham and the rest say they’re going to do a protest then don’t I despair and don’t sleep. I’m going to the Green Gathering in Chepstow to speak on this with my most reliable friends in Gerald, who did a demo in Pembrokeshire, and Jim – Derbyshire.

All we can say is get in touch if you want to help.

Gerald:- and Jim:-




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