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AGRI ACTIVISM – Extended brief.



Following on from the unexpectedly huge success of the Nationwide demonstration on September 6th 2017 last year against Monsanto/Bayer’s ‘carcinogenic’ Roundup, we are planning another much bigger series of Actions for this year. My close friend and fellow co-ordinator Gerald Miles (along with our amazing GMO ‘encyclopaedia’ – Jim McNulty) wants to do one action on April 4th with a follow up on the following Wednesday – the 11th.     I personally am very happy to keep the format similar to the Sept 6th one and encourage people to photocopy the enclosed letter to the ‘Manager’ (of Tesco, ASDA, Garden Centres etc) and to give them out in person. Also for those who want, please feel free to use/sing the nursery rhymes (see attachments – agri activism is about being FUN as well as making a very important point).

Get hold of your local newspaper, radio and TV station to tell them time and place (s) of demos. We need to have the tenacity/staying power of the inspirational Suffragettes and ‘visit’ supermarkets/outlets selling Roundup filling up trolleys/rolling out tape across the building/aisles stating: “ Glyphosate// //causes cancer – Keep Out//contaminated area”. If you can dress up as a GM tomato, corn on the cob, or vicar it does help, but not essential. Numbers are important to maximise the impact. I believe that less than 8 or 9 is slightly unconvincing and 16 or over can be threatening (to shoppers) and deemed a mob BUT . .  .as the old saying goes –  even if there’s ‘only’ one of you, JUST DO IT and send any pictures to me, and requests for the tape to Gerald Miles Costas and Jim McNulty

Banners/placards are important – plus any visual impact can make all the difference. Fill trolleys up with Roundup/glyphosate, take them to the till/customer service and request to see the Manager to ask him /her why they’re selling products to the public which are known carcinogens? – Then present the Manager with request sheet and information.

WHY . . . . The New York Times October 29th 2016 . . “An extensive examination by the NYT indicates Genetic Modification in the US and Canada has NOT accelerated increases in crop yields OR led to an overall reduction in the use of chemical pesticides”.


Dr. Steve Suppan writes on Trump Administration’s Retreat from Science-backed Regulations . . “Unfortunately, the commission is not only retreating from it’s promise to regulate nanotechnology . . .it is now cooperating with industry to build a legal case for NOT risk assessing or regulating products derived from new genetic engineering techniques . . .”.It’s now open house in the US to tamper/alter food in any way a scientist feels without risk of recriminations. Who will be the next ‘poodle’ to embrace the latest fad from the US?

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