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We’ve just had the most successful start to a campaign I’ve ever encountered with 3 promotions in 4 days:

The first was at the Plough Art Centre Torrington where the comic genius Mark Thomas announced the campaign to rid our land of the ubiquitously used weed killer (and ‘human’ . . .) Roundup. The fliers then were rough and ready (due to lack of time to prepare) and everyone was taken up.


The day after we were guests at RHS Rosemoor Gardens near Torrington. With no access to a photocopy machine being Sunday, we wrote loads by hand on the various ‘Say No to GMO’ sheets we have a plenty around the house. There were 300+ people seated in a huge hall and one of the band members announced (on my request) “there was to be a National day of campaigning on Wednesday September 6th to ‘Make Roundup History’.”


The take up and interest was like nothing I’d experienced before – everybody hates the stuff and ‘know’ (even if it’s intuitively) that Roundup and ‘sprays’ in general are BAD for us and the environment. In the same vein, we’ve just had a farmer spray a field ‘upwind’ of us with the (usual) soullessly named INKA SX THIFENSULFORON – METHYL. If you look this up you will encounter warnings in VERY small writing which is deliberately impossible to download but, with your magnifying glass, it states things like ‘highly toxic’ and ‘extremely toxic to aquatic watercourses’ etc. etc.


Our third visit in 4 days was back at the Plough for a livestreamed debate re. the imminent election where again our, by now more comprehensive, fliers were eagerly hoovered up.


PLEASE please e.mail this information to food groups, farming co-operatives and everybody and anybody who may be interested in doing an action – however small between 1-2pm on outlets in your own area selling carcinogenic Roundup to the public.


Thank you from Gerald Miles, Jim McNulty, Bidi Garstang and Hector Christie.


PS very important . . .Please send pictures, story (if you have one) and a precis of your protest to all 3 of the above e.mails and anybody else/groups/social media etc you may feel could be interested.



PPS We’ve just hit the biggest jackpot of all . . .We heard there was a Permaculture convention at Pinhoe just outside Exeter. We got straight into the car as soon as we heard and arrived at 10pm just at the start of Seize the Day’s set. I then, with the organisers permission, made an announcement re September 6th and the take up was phenomenal. Roundup has just been licensed for another year which is ‘appalling’ so all the more important we get friends, organisations etc.etc to spread the word re September 6th.



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