By on January 10, 2017

This book addresses the much asked question that if God is a God of love and he is the All seeing, All knowing, All powerful master, then how or why does He allow the goings on in the world? For example, how can He allow the suffering and disease of so many, such as young children, and the numerous wars, rapes and murders so commonplace throughout the world? In this light what is His love and how does it work? And what are His priorities?

This book attempts to address these questions and other besides based on a blend of Eastern religious philosophies, Christianity, New Age/General Spiritual Beliefs and the author’s own experiences. It stresses the huge responsibility and power that we all have to help make the world a better place and how we can help our fellow man, and gives guidelines as to how this can be achieved.

To Purchase this book, please send a cheque for £6.85 (which includes postage and packing) to Hector Christie Tapeley Park, Instow, North Devon, EX39 4NT

Instow, North Devon

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